Orthopaedic Services

Surgical Solutions

Full-Circle OrthopaedicsTM provides a full range of surgical solutions. Options range from minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgeries of the extremities to extensive inpatient reconstructive joint replacement surgeries. Outpatient cartilage restoration, outpatient total hip via the anterior approach, as well as outpatient total knee, total shoulder, and reverse total shoulder replacements are also offered.

Importantly, you have access to surgical and non-surgical fracture care with extended appointment availability Monday-Saturday to help you avoid long, expensive ER visits.
Whether you sustained a recent orthopaedic injury or suffer from longstanding joint pain, we have complete treatment options.


“Dr. Manning is one of the most caring physicians I have met. He makes his patients feel completely at ease and confidant, not to mention that he has the skills and technique to make any procedure go great!”



Non-Surgical Solutions

Full-Circle Orthopaedics™ enables patients to have solutions when access to non-surgical treatments when surgery isn’t required or when a patient isn’t in optimal medical condition to have the best possible surgical outcome.

Non-surgical options include physical therapy, bracing, injections, prolotherapy, stem cell therapy, nutritional counseling, addiction therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, medical massage, and acupuncture.

“Dr. Manning is a great doctor and more importantly a great man! He takes the time and i could tell he genuinely had a concern for me. You will be pleased working with this office.”


If you or someone you know suffer from hip, knee or other joint pain, discover how Full-Circle OrthopaedicsTM can help.

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