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What every patient should expect from their orthopaedic doctor
Meet the Surgeon
As a new patient at Novatio, you will meet personally with the surgeon, not a mid-level provider.
Full Exam
Our surgeon does a thorough physical exam during your visit, evaluating mobility, range of motion, pain, and other clinical presentations.
Thorough Q&A
Our surgeon takes time to listen to you and explains in a way that you will understand. At Novatio, we want our patients to be part of  their treatment plan and decision-making. We want you to understand your condition so share what’s on your mind.

The Novatio Difference

Our Approach
Now there is a complete solution for your orthopaedic pain. Novatio, Latin for renew or rejuvenate, is the pioneer of Full-Circle Orthopaedics™. Full-Circle means we personalize your care plan based on your individual needs whether they are surgical or non-surgical. We address the whole person including body, mind, and nutrition. Our team goes the extra mile to assure you fully understand your options for the best possible outcome.
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Transparent Pricing
Medical care can be expensive, especially when hospitals and administrators include a large layer of bureaucracy and make costs confusing or even hidden. That is why Novatio provides transparent or cash based pricing for every procedure we offer. Whether you are uninsured, self-insured, or have high deductibles, our model reduces overhead and offers those savings to our patients with pricing often two-thirds the price of procedures done in a conventional hospital.
Medical Tourism
If you are in need of a medical procedure, but want to enjoy a new location for you and those who accompany you, medical tourism is a great option. Medical Tourism is where people travel outside of their community and even outside of their home country to receive medical care. In addition to a great getaway, medical tourism can provide you access to better quality care, faster access, and be significantly less expensive. At Novatio, we provide a Full-Circle approach to make your experience a totally positive one.
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What Patients Are Saying

“You saved my life. You made me see the good in my life. For my doctor who took a chance on me I thank you for your caring thoughts and bedside manner. You and your staff are great and I wish you many more years as the best doctor.”


"Dr. Manning is a great doctor, and more importantly a great man! He takes the time, and I could tell that he genuinely had concern for me. You will be pleased working with his office."


"Dr. Manning is one of the most caring physicians I have met. He makes his patients feel completely at ease and confidant, not to mention that he has the skills and  technique to make any procedure go great!"



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I’ve had the privilege of caring for thousands of patients, and each one is a personal connection for me. I believe the best care is when patients have providers who take the time to listen and understand their unique needs.

~ Michael Manning, DO

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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If you or someone you know suffers from hip, knee or other joint pain, discover how Full-Circle Orthopaedics™ can help.